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What We Do Best

MEDStat Courier features a comprehensive lineup of essential medical delivery solutions. We feature expedited delivery for transplant organs, medical specimens, time-sensitive medications, and much more. We feature a team of dedicated drivers who are highly trained and have the ability to provide high priority rush service in a safe, swift, and professional manner that promotes the integrity of your organization. Whether you need routine medical specimen delivery, air shipping, or cargo pick-up, you can rely on the experts at MEDStat Courier for safe and just-in-time delivery service across Colorado community.

Exceptional Care for Time-Sensitive Deliveries

MedStat Courier is a leading medication and medical specimen delivery provider for hospitals, healthcare facilities, outpatient labs, and other enterprises with a need for high priority, temperature-controlled delivery across Colorado. We routinely pick up and make medical deliveries across Colorado. Our expansive array of services also includes designated driver service, STAT deliveries, custom route and routine delivery, designated driver service, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our service capabilities.

Services Overview



High priority rush service.

Custom Route & Routine

Workable solutions tailored to your organization’s particular delivery needs.

Designated Driver

We provide highly skilled professionals that fill vacancies in your workforce due to vacations, sick leaves, terminations, and understaffing.

Air Shipping

TSA-Certified technicians handling all the needs for your next flight out packages.


Air transportation assistance for deliveries going to distant destinations.

Cargo Pick Up & Delivery

Ideal for packages & small freight requiring expedited service.

Tendering Cargo to Passenger’s Aircraft

MEDStat Courier is a TSA-Certified Indirect Air Carrier.

Luggage Retrieval & Delivery

White glove delivery for critical, time-sensitive shipments.