About Us

MEDStat COURIER SERVICE with a heart

Our team acts as an extension of your company by providing personalized services that are uniquely tailored to your needs. Since 2004, we’ve been committed to providing the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in the medical delivery industry.

Your Go-To Courier for Critical Deliveries

At MEDStat Courier, we understand the urgency and detailed specification behind every medical delivery. We are committed to providing Colorado’s hospitals, healthcare facilities, and outpatient labs with outstanding customer service and the expedited delivery they need to ensure the integrity of their specimens and medications. We are dedicated to providing each customer with customized solutions to suit their special delivery needs. Our drivers are highly trained to provide special handling and to maintain complete compliance for safe and secure deliveries. We can provide custom route and routine deliveries or time-sensitive deliveries with impeccable speed and professionalism.

Denver’s Trusted Medical Courier

MEDStat Courier serves a wide range of healthcare clients and facilities across the Rocky Mountain Region and beyond. Our company specializes in the transport of critical medical materials such as medical specimens, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and instruments, and so much more. We are highly familiar with the transport of temperature-sensitive medications and have the capability to accommodate all of your temperature-controlled inventory demands. Whether you need a substitute designated driver or a permanent medical shipping company to contract with routinely, you can rely on MEDStat Courier to maintain exacting standards and unsurpassed customer care.